Buy a Hog Roast Machine

If you are thinking of buying a hog roast machine this page will give you a general overview to help you decide which machine is the right one for you. There are a wide range of machines available each has its own attributes.

Start Cooking Hog Roasts Straight Away

If you are looking for a straight forward easy to use hog roast machine to just cook you a perfect pig every time with the minimal amount of fuss then maybe look at a single burner machine such as the HogMaster. A compact easy to use machine which is also very efficient and uses very little gas.

Need More A Little More From Your Hog Roast Machine?

If you need something more versatile which is multifunctional maybe look at the Titan machine. Outside caterers love these machines because their big chunky tyres make them perfect for going over uneven surfaces, gravel drives etc. They have twin burners and can produce a lot of heat which make them an excellent dual purpose bbq.

The Ultimate Hog Roast Machine

The Platinum hog roast machine is a fantastic machine that will cook two pigs at the same time. Or you can cook a pig and other types of meat or vegetables to accompany it. You can also use the machine as a bbq whilst you are cooking a pig. What you loose with these machines is some of the easy to move nature of the Hogmaster and Titan.